The Karai students who passed the year 5 scholarship examination were rewarded by the Karainagar Societies, in recognition of the achievement of these students.


The award ceremony was organised by the Karai Abiviruththi Sabai in conjunction with Canada Karai Cultural Association and Karai Welfare Society (UK). The award ceremony took place at Dr A Thiagarajah MMV on the 25th September 2011.


Sixteen students had obtained pass marks and thirty eight students obtained above 100 marks. Students who passed the exam were rewarded with 1000/= with other gifts and other thirty-eight students were rewarded with 500/=.


Karai Welfare Society (UK) donated 50,000/= to this function.


The Scholarship Examination (also known as the Grade 5 Scholarship exam) is a highly competitive Sri Lankan examination conducted by the Department of Examinations of the Ministry of Education. It is optional for students to undertake it during the final year of primary school (Grade 5 – usually ages 9-10). Based on the results of the exam, students could transfer to prominent national schools. This Exam is a means for gifted students from villages to move to better schools in cities with government scholarships.


In recent years the exam has become extremely competitive and is one of the hardest exam in the Sri Lankan school system, considering the age of the candidates.


KWS (UK)’s aim is to recognise students who works hard and encourages other students take part in this exam system. KWS (UK) would also like to help our Karai schools to increase the pass rate of students sitting government exams at all levels. Therefore we are having discussions with school administration to arrange revision classes (weekend or evenings) in core subjects, make available of previous year’s exam papers (pass papers) and having mock exams at the end.  We believe that this will increase confidence level of students and reduce anxiety over exams.


We believe in education and need to invest in at early stages.  With your help and cooperation we will be able to achieve this.


Thank You.